Competitive Golf Tournament Scheduling

One of the most overlooked aspect of playing well in tournament golf is tournament scheduling. There is a strategical approach that needs to be taken in order for you to play your best throughout the golf tournament season.

At Ohio State, we have been on a run of 4 consecutive tournaments. We travel mostly by air, which definitely takes a toll on your body. It causes “jet lag”, which can result in dehydration and fatigue.

Every player is different. Through my experience coaching junior and college golfers, I have noticed many golfers go through the learning curve of “burning out” during mid summer (junior golfers) and mid season (college golfers). There is a balance that needs to exist. More is not better when it comes to scheduling tournaments. Too many tournaments will not only effect them physical but also mentally.

For junior golfers, I think it is important to schedule no more than 2 weeks in a row of tournament golf. Playing every week will burn them out, cause exhaustion, and decrease the enjoyment of the game. Their scores will rise as a result and lead to a lose in confidence.

PGA Tour professionals are constantly re-evaluating their schedules and make changes on the fly. Parents need to be very aware of how their junior golfer is feeling and do not be afraid to make changes if they are exhausted!

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