Train For Golf Performance

Most amateur golfers only train one aspect of their game. If you look at the 5 listed below, I bet you can guess which one it is! You’re right, technique! To make it worse, golfers typically only train one aspect – full swing technique! And we wonder why the average USGA handicap has not lowered over the last 30 years with advancement of technology and equipment.

The PGA of America has focused mainly on the 1 hour golf lesson and “clinics”. Because of this golfers sign up for private lessons or take the cost effective route and participate in a group clinic. (We will get into the problems with clinics for player development in a later article)

Technique is extremely important, but as you can see below it only makes up a fraction of the player development process. Nearly every golf academy I have seen in America focuses on the 1 hour golf lesson, rather than giving golfers what they actually need – a full player development program. Take a look below and see if you are training properly to lower your scores.

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5 Aspects of Golf Player Development


  • Technique
  • Skill Development
  • Mental Game
  • Fitness & Nutrition
  • Equipment, club fitting



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