Today I used the blast motion sensor to analyze a students putting. He was struggling with starting the ball online with the putter.

As usual, I had him warm up his putting and then we went to a straight 10 foot putt. I placed the sensor on his putter to track his face rotation. I had him hit 10 putts being relaxed, focusing on tempo to get accurate data of what his putter does when he is being athletic (not mechanical).

The sensor showed that he was consistent, but consistently shutting the putter face on the backswing of his putting stroke. It also showed that his face was over rotating (closed) on the forward stroke.

It is important to understand that putters are made to arc when you swing it straight back and straight through. Your hand path swings straight back and the putter should arc 4 degrees open (on a 10 footer) and when you swing your hand path straight through the putter should arc 4 degrees closed. These metrics will allow for the putter to work properly to put a true roll on the putt.

After analyzing his stroke on video, we determined that by simply changing his hand position at address, this would solve the putter face position. In the photo below, you will notice his original set up (left picture), his hands are behind the belly button. In the new set up position (right picture), his hands are slightly ahead of his belly button. Pretty simple adjustment right?!

In his original set up his back stroke was only rotating 2 degrees open and was closing 6 degrees closed (resulting in pulled putts consistently). The adjustment with hand position at set up allowed him to start the ball down the target line! And his putter rotation to be 4 degrees on back swing and 4 degrees on follow through!

Most the time, you can make huge improvement with simple fundamentals. There is a ton of golf gadgets and technology out there to help players improve or screw players up if not used properly. Find a knowledgeable coach that makes it simple and you will be on the road to better golf!

The blast motion sensor is a great new tool to simplify your putting stroke and make more putts. (Just make sure you have a qualified coach to translate the data!)