In todays modern world of social media and technology, Student-Athletes on social media have to be more careful than ever.  Not only are some of the things high school athletes put on social media embarrassing, it could cost you the chance of being recruited to your favorite school. social media golf

As a college golf coach, I am constantly trying to identify the best talent and more importantly the best all around kid. The first thing I do when finding a talented junior golfer is Google their name. The first thing that typically pops up under their name is their Facebook and Twitter accounts. I will glance through their pages to gain an overall feel for what the kid is all about. This is the first impression a kid has on me as a coach! You can control how you are perceived to college coaches, in most cases perception is reality. So be careful as you are posting things on your social media accounts. Trust me, what you think is “cool” or popular in high school, could effect the rest of your life!

There are many things in life that are out of our control. Social media is definitely one that is in our control. We can control how people think of us. Take this opportunity to present yourself in the most positive manner possible!