How to Practice Golf Efficiently

Plan Your Next Golf Practice!

Golfers commonly show up to the golf course with out a plan of action. They spend numerous hours on the range or putting green “exercising”. When I refer to exercising, I am referring to going through the motions without having a plan of action or a goal for the practice.

The most efficient way to practice is to set goals for yourself to accomplish as you go. For example, Make 10 – 5 foot, left to right and then right to left putts before you leave the putting green. Just rolling the ball around the green does not improve your putting.

When on the driving range it is important to switch up your clubs and targets on every shot!  DO NOT, grab a 7-iron and hit 10 balls in a row at the same target. How many times do you hit your 7-iron 10 times in a row on the golf course? Probably not many!

The best way to get the most out of your practice is to make a schedule before you start your day, or the night before. Your golf practice schedule could look something like this:
3-4pm, Putting: 

  • Arrive at course and start with 5 foot drill, make 10 in a row.
  • 2-putt 4 balls in a row from 60 feet.

4:15-5pm, Short game: 

  • Warm up with 5 balls, and work your way around the chipping green, practicing a variety of different shots.
  • Play 18 holes on the chipping green with 1 ball and keep score. Make each hole different
5-6pm, Full swing:
  • Warm up for 10 minutes, just getting loose, no swing thoughts
  • 30 minutes of working on technique that Bruce advised from previous golf lesson
  • Play 9 holes from your upcoming tournament course, imagination is key!
This is 3 hours of productive practice and you will not get bored! I promise if you work this efficiently every day with a purpose, your golf scores will improve dramatically!