Golf Tips – Practice Smart to Shoot lower Scores on the Golf Course!


My golf coach growing up told me if I was exhausted at the end of a practice session I was not practicing correctly. Playing golf should not be tiring. After you hit a bucket of golf balls on the range or play a round of golf, do you feel like this (old man pictured to the right)?  If so, your practice habits are not being performed efficiently. As golf instructors we notice that most of our golf students get worse results at the end of the lesson to due exhaustion. Here are a couple helpful golf tips, which will all you to practice golf effectively!

Practice Golf Tips #1: Practice at 50% effort level. This does not mean you want to be lazy in your golf swing. But rather, swing at a relaxed, controlled speed. Tiger Woods once said, he tries to swing 70% of his maximum swing speed when playing on the golf course. When you swing slower, you can really feel your muscle movements and swing patterns, which allow you to identify mistakes and allows you to make corrections in your golf swing technique.

Practice Golf Tips #2: When you start to feel fatigued, go putt! Putting accounts for roughly 40% of our total score in a round of golf. Putting takes little effort  or talent, which means 1. anyone can become a good putter and 2. you can get a quality practice session in when your body is not in optimal condition!

Practice golf smart, hitting golf balls on the driving range just to do it can make you a worse golfer. Quality practice, not quantity!