Golf Practice Plans

How you practice dictates how you develop as a player. You win tournaments by how you spend your time practicing golf!

Most players think just being at the golf course instantly means they are getting better and success will follow. This couldn’t be more wrong. Often times players get worse because of their lack of direction during practice hours.

Less = more. The hardest worker doesn’t always spend the most time on the driving ranger hitting balls. The hardest worker is the player that practices the most efficiently. You need to be able to identify your strengths, weaknesses and schedule your practices around those areas.

Each morning or the night before it is extremely important to schedule out your next day. When it comes to your practice time, you need to write out a detailed plan on what you are going to accomplish. Some areas to address is how much time you will spend on each aspect of your game and what drills you will be doing.

I recommend spending 60% time on your areas of weakness and 40% of your time on your strengths.
Try writing out your practice the night before for one week and judge how much more efficient you are.

golf practice plan