Golf Grip Education - Full Swing

The most important element to controlling your club face and ultimately the direction of your golf ball is by understanding your grip. There are 3 basic positions that we have heard of when referring to the grip - "weak grip", "strong grip" and "neutral grip".

Understanding Your Grip: When you watch touring professionals you will notice they may have a "weak" or "strong" grip, but they have that grip for a REASON. If you are going to go away from the fundamental "neutral or square" grip, you need to have a reason for doing so. You will have certain ball flight tendencies because of your grip. Knowing those tendencies will help you save shots on the course and lower your score!

Backside of Grip

The backside of your grip is not has important. For players will small hands, they may prefer to have the "interlocking" grip. Beginners tend to use the 10 finger grip, but most players tend to use the overlapping grip.

Choosing the backside of your grip is based on the players feel. Choose the grip that feels best for you!