Jonathan dismuke houston golf lessons

Jonathan Dismuke
Director of Golf Programs

Coach Dismuke is determined to improve the Houston golf community. Moving to Texas to coach at Texas A&M University, he made a name for himself quickly, leading the Aggies to the 2008 NCAA National Team Championship. Jonathan is passionate about building team training for junior golfers that prepare them for success on the golf course and in life. Coach is involved in developing golf programs for players of all ages and abilities in addition to coaching at our premiere golf schools.


JJ Wood, PGA 
Performance Coach

JJ moved to Houston after playing collegiate golf at the University of Oklahoma. After teaching as a golf instructor, JJ moved on to coach college golf at Rice and Ohio State University. While at Ohio State, JJ pursued a Career Diploma in Sport Psychology for Peak Performance in addition to his Masters of Education. He is passionate about coaching all golfers in a specific way to achieve their goals. JJ is available for private coaching for players that are looking for full player development.

RJ Wood
Golf Coach

RJ came to GPG after his stint as a playing professionally on PGA Tour Canada. RJ was the winner of the Arizona Open, 3 other professional events as well as being Arizona Amateur of the Year and 2-time Arizona High School State Champion. As a golf coach, RJ has made his presence felt with all golfers, especially the junior golfers that ask their parents if they can come back to take more lessons!


Bruce Olson
Golf Coach

Coach Olson brings years of experience coaching players of all ages and abilities. The son of hall of fame high school basketball coach, Bruce began coaching golf after concluding his college playing career at North Dakota State University. He has coached beginner golfers to become single digit handicaps in addition to the dozens of college scholarships achieved by his golfers and PGA Tour winner Joel Edwards.